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Hi! My name is Tabitha, but everyone calls me Tabby. I hate writing about myself. I am a cat mom. I enjoy DND, binge watching tv and art. I guess I can say I am a semi professional artist. I do a little bit of everything from painting to making crocheted plushies. You can find me trying to stream when I can and taking commissions.


The name is Will. Born and raised in NYC! (Queens to be exact) 27 turning 28 soon. I’m a father to a newborn! Happiest moment of my life! Soccer is my passion but right now gaming has taken over. Been gaming since I can remember. I’ve always been a console player, especially on PlayStation. Recently bought a PC and not gonna lie I’m loving it! I’m no pro but I’m always trying my best to get dubs!


My name is HighTide29 and I am a variety streamer that plays plenty of retro and modern games. I love playing on the GameCube and I’m appreciative I can share my nostalgia with you all! I enjoy spreading love and smiles around giving what my heart wants. The ocean has a lot of love and I hope to continue spreading it around to any and all individuals, viewers and streamers alike.


Hi there, I’m Ash! I’m 22 and I enjoy long walks on the beach with my boyfriend, until the LSD wears off and I realize I’m just dragging a mannequin around a parking lot. Sometimes I cosplay, sometimes I stream, but at all times of the day, I meme.

On a more serious note, here are a few fun facts:

I’m a big horror fan, so I love scary movies and video games. Slasher films hold a special place in my heart.

My fashion sense disappoints my parents.

I think I’m hilarious.

and last, I think all my friends are really neat.


Hello my names Jordan I’m 29 from the UK I go by Jcoyle29 on all platforms, been a passionate about gaming since a child and being able to bring my passion to streams. I mainly stream FIFA and make YouTube content for Fifa as well ✌

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